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We shot the after pictures for Essential Cyclings Editor Marcus Leach’s amazing transformation. Here are his before pictures..


And his after pictures


When did you first get into fitness?   

I have always had an interest but I seriously got into it at the start of 2014

What motivates you?   

The desire to be the best possible version of myself and seeing how far I can push myself


What sort of training do you do?  

A mix of weights, HIIT and cycling

What would be your top training tip? 

Be patient, great results don;t just happen. It takes consistency and time to achieve your goals, stay focused and never give up.


What sort of diet do you follow?                     

I have a flexible approach to my diet as after all food is there to be enjoyed, although everything I eat is fresh, homemade and of the highest possible quality

What would be your top diet tip? 

Variety is the spice of life. Experiment with food and don;t just eat the same thing all of the time.


What are your future goals?   

To maintain the pjysique I worked so hard for but to also live a more active outdoor life. With that in mind I am climbing Mont Blanc this year, as well as taking part in what is described as ‘the world’s toughest one day bike event’, also known as The Tour du Mont Blanc.

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