Chelsea Dyson

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We showcase some of our shots with UKBFF Competitor Chelsea Dyson


When did you first get into fitness?
I first got into fitness around 2 years ago but started taking it more seriously around a year ago when I decided to prep for my first competition.
What motivates you?
The changes in my body motivate me to carry on, my boyfriend has the biggest impact on me, inspiring and motivating me to be my best.

What sort of training do you do?
I love trying new methods, mixing it up with heavy weights & time under tension is my preferred way of training.
What would be your top training tip?
Do what works for you. Everyone’s body reacts differently under the weight.

What sort of diet do you follow?
When competing I have a strict plan set out in weeks running up to my competition (high Protein & a balance or carbs and fats) the rest of the time I’m a lot more relaxed, there isn’t a burger joint in the North of England that I don’t know about!!
What would be your top diet tip?
Don’t over complicate things, keep methods easy with simple ingredients

What are your future goals?
My ultimate goal is to become a successful fitness model and hopefully one day an IFBB Pro.
What advice would you give a younger version of yourself?
I wouldn’t have focused so much on my education after leaving school, as what I wanted I initially wanted to do was dance however fitness has now taken its place and got me to where I am today, being happy is far more important than money and status.

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