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When did you first get into fitness?
All through school I was a skinny tall dude and around the end of secondary school I had enough of it. and came across a video of my idol Kai Greene. I think it was his Day In The Life series. It really intrigued me about what the body is capable of and I decided I was going to start training and the rest in history – I was hooked and couldn’t imagine my life without it now. I love the lifestyle, photoshoots, competitions and the everyday challenge!


What motivates you?
Seeing these world class athletes and guys making there dreams happen which is exactly what I plan to do! Most of all the motivation comes from the people who support me, friends, family. my coach and people in my gym and friends I’ve met through the industry. I couldn’t be more thankful and that’s what drives me everyday to better myself in and out of the gym.


What sort of training do you do?
I vary my training a lot. I did a lot of FST-7 training recently and mostly hypertrophy work. It isn’t about the weight for me. Obviously I always aim to add more weight as that makes for a stronger muscle and in turn a bigger one but for me it’s important to keep strict form and time under tension and making sure the reps are there. The optimal rep ranges for me are 8-12 reps. Usually I’m always going for 10.


What would be your top training tip?
Be consistent, I’m sure you see it all the time but it’s true! Rome wasn’t built in a day and you can’t expect results over night. You have to eat, train and rest and enjoy the grind. It will repay you in the end and you’ll be happy you stuck with it! Another top tip would be to train smart. Being out with injury will affect your gains a lot more then lowering the weight and doing the exercise correctly.


What sort of diet do you follow?
I follow a flexible dieting programme i.e my macros which are high protein/high carb/moderate fat – I respond best to carbohydrates and being a tall guy and weighing more my protein intake is a little higher. I just aim to keep things clean and make small increases in weight for quality muscle. All my diet is based around quality protein/complex carbs and EFAs(essential fatty acids)


What would be your top diet tip?
Keep it fun, chuck a little seasoning in – unless you are a week out from a show, don’t worry about sodium! Your water intake should be high enough to flush it out. Atleast with me I have found sodium doesn’t play a huge roll with me and it’s best to enjoy your food, keep your energy and happiness levels up and kill your work out then eat plain chicken and hate life. Small changes in your diet can make a huge difference to your result.


What are you future goals?
I aim to turn a pro in the WBFF, probably in the fitness model class. I’d also love to do a magazine cover and feature on a few other articles!


I would like to work with amazing athletes round the world and train and prep them for various different competitions but most of all remain healthy and happy doing what I love which is fitness and any other opportunities that come my way are a bonus!


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