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When did you first get into fitness?

I was 15 when for the very first time I entered in the gym in Belarus that looked quite scary. That gym placed in basement with heavy sweaty smell, hard rock music and big guys but there I got a passion for chest press and dead lift.

What motivates you?

My motivation is my reflection in the mirror. I’m trying everyday to workout on myself in order to create the best me.


What sort of training do you do?

I love weights lifting. That’s all!

What would be your top training tip?
My top training tips are
Do what your personally enjoy
Have a strong imagination what kind of body you want to achieve and keep that image in your head
Be consistent. Work hard. Believe in yourself and love yourself!
Music makes my workouts!

What sort of diet do you follow?

I’m trying to eat clean 80% of the time and 20% belongs to my cheat treats. I think it’s the best way to stay fit and not being obsessed with the food. It’s not really diet it’s a lifestyle. But when I’m prepping for competition I’m tracking my macros strictly.

What would be your top diet tip?

My top diet tips are probably obvious
First of all eat! Eat clean
Eat 5-6 meal per a day
Lots of veggies
Enjoy I mean really enjoy your meal


What are you future goals?

2015 I’m planning to compete again with WBFF in diva bikini category. I am eager to gain more muscles. I’m hard gainer but I truly believe that with clean eating and good training you can get what you want. I’m really can’t wait to see what I’ll bring to the stage this year.

I would safe myself from FAD diets. I’ve been constantly under eating. And desperately trying all type of weird diets. So I would teach my younger version to be kind and gentle to myself, be patient and consistent knowing that this is a pleasurable fitness journey full of challenges and everyday achievements.



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